Heavy Duty Industrial Equipment

Our heavy-duty power washer unit utilizes hot water and steam that can clean heavily baked on dirt, grime, grease, mud and more from your equipment. We are able to service heavy equipment in industries such as oil and gas, agricultural, construction, and logistics. Equipment down time is detrimental to a business. We know time is money for all businesses so keep your machinery clean to avoid the headaches and frustrations of losing valuable productivity. No water on site? No problem. We are able to bring water on site with our large water storage tank at an extra cost.


Large Scale Warehouse and Plant Equipment

The interior of any large foot print warehouse or plant also needs attention as the surfaces get dirty very quickly and when business is busy it is only natural that sometimes cleaning gets overlooked. Do not let all of the oil, grease, chemicals and other harmful contaminants affect your business operations. Not only is this dirty, but it can also be a safety issue if it is not looked after in a timely manner. All of our staff are certified in fall protection and trained in a variety of different aerial platform machines. Our machine produces hot water at a temperature of over a 170 Degrees Fahrenheit or 76 Degrees Celsius and our Steam is capable of temperatures at 350 Degrees Fahrenheit or 176 Degrees Celsius.


Steam Cleaning

Our steam machine is able to thaw just about anything. In winter, we are able to thaw frozen pipes, heavy equipment, culverts, service valves, and much more.