Professional Exterior Washing
And Window Cleaning Services

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Who We Are And What We Do

Precision Power Washing is a locally owned and operated company based in Calgary, Alberta specializing in professional exterior washing and window cleaning for Commercial, Residential and Industrial properties. Our brand new and state-of-the-art commercial grade power washing equipment is also able to produce hot water which aids in getting the area cleaned more effectively. For window cleaning, we use a water fed pole and brush with a 3-stage purification system that filters out all hard water minerals to produce pure water, which leaves no spots or residue on your windows.

Our commitment to quality and client satisfaction has won us the confidence and trust with each and every one of our clients that has used our services. We are here to help you increase your curb appeal and image of your property.



We specialize in exterior house washing and use soft washing techniques to eliminate any damage that high pressure can cause on delicate surfaces such as vinyl siding, stucco and wood, it is gentle yet effective.

Dirty windows? No problem! We offer professional window cleaning services with our state-of-the-art water fed pole and purified pure water system to get your windows sparkling clean!  Ask us about our window cleaning and house washing packages.




Your image and clients’ first impression means everything. Sometimes you just don’t get that second chance to wow that client again. We provide professional exterior washing services for condo complexes, underground parkades, commercial store front complexes, shopping malls, warehouses, office buildings and much more. Another surface that we specialize in cleaning is concrete, whether it is an oil stain, dirt, or rust stains we are able to effectively tackle these stains with our hot water machine.




With our heavy duty commercial grade power washing unit with hot water and steam we are able to tackle the dirtiest interior industrial warehouses, heavy equipment or plant equipment that is baked with dirt, grime, grease, mud and much more. Our steam cleaning temperature reaches 350 degrees Fahrenheit or 176 degrees Celsius which is great for sanitizing and thawing in frigid temperatures.


The Importance Of Maintaining Your Home And Business

Over time, natural outdoor elements such as dirt, grime, dust, mud, and other contaminants deteriorate your home or business. We realize you have worked hard to own your home or business and it is most likely one of your biggest investments. With the accumulation of these contaminants it will further damage and accelerate the aging process of your exterior surfaces if you continue to ignore the problem. It is important to regularly maintain any exterior surface to ensure it lasts, which will in turn boost curb appeal and long term increase in property value.

Whether it is a small store front, restaurant, condo complex, or strip mall, you have a professional image that you want to show your clients and having a clean property does wonders for your image. Always remember that first impressions are everything! Let Precision handle all of your exterior washing needs for your home or business.

Our Values

At Precision our values are built on a solid foundation of personal service, integrity, superior quality, and most importantly, client satisfaction. Our continuous commitment to excellence and ensuring client satisfaction is what we are all about and is always our NUMBER ONE PRIORITY! We are passionate about washing and we are meticulous and detailed oriented by nature and will treat your home, business or property as if it were our own. Seeing the end result of our professional washing services always brings a smile to us and we hope that every one of our client’s will smile once they see the end result as well.


Why use Precision?

  • Fully Licensed With The City And Carry Full WCB Coverage

  • Fully Insured With $5 Million Commercial General Liability Insurance

  • Certified

  • Environmentally Friendly Products

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

  • Residential Soft Washing Techniques

  • Continuously Attending On-Going Education And Training Seminars

  • New State-Of-The-Art Equipment

  • Hot Water And Steam Function

  • Professional And Fully Uniformed Staff With Full PPE. Fall Protection, Boom And Scissor Lift Certified.

  • Member Of The PWNA (Power Washers Of North America)